Zero Bullsh*t Meditation : The 6 Phase Meditation Method

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'Don't just read this book, practice it' Jay Shetty

'A groundbreaking way to level up your focus and creativity' Marie Forleo

The secret weapon of the world's top achievers is now in your hands.

Used daily by athletes, artists, rock stars and CEOs, the 6 Phase Meditation is a productivity-inducing protocol that empowers you to get focused, find peace and manifest your goals. The key to unlocking all this? Six, unique thought exercises that you run through your head as a hyper-efficient programming script. No matter how busy, prone to a wandering mind, or allergic to the lotus posture you are, the 6 Phase Meditation is suitable for you.

Leading a revolution in meditation, entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author Vishen Lakhiani has hosted nearly a thousand interviews with neuroscientists, monks, yogis, and meditation experts. He distilled thousands of years of psycho-spiritual wisdom to create the 6 Phase Meditation Method - aka, Zero Bullsh*t Meditation.

Delivered with humour, a practical how-to, and a free app to support you on your journey, the 6 Phase Meditation is waiting for you.


  •  153 x 234 x 16mm | 278g