Why French Women Wear Vintage

Yayınevi: Mitchell Beazley

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"The sustainable fashion revolution has begun, and we must all be part of it." - Alois Guinut

Stylish women everywhere are realizing the environmental damage of fast fashion and looking for new ways to dress that don't involve cramming their wardrobe with clothes that may never get worn. As Paris-based style-coach Alois Guinut explores in this invaluable book, French women have a lot to teach us about how to cherish the planet without sacrificing your style:

- Know what works for you.
- Buy less and buy better.
- Mix vintage items with a few wisely chosen modern pieces.
- Optimize your closet.
- Look after what you have and make it last.
- Seek out quality fabrics that don't poison the environment.


  •  156 x 216 x 22mm | 620g