Weston : Edward, Brett, Cole, Cara A Dynasty of Photographers

Yayınevi: Skira Publishing

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Surveying the Weston family's diverse pictorial output across generations

Designed in collaboration with the Weston family, A Dynasty of Photographers spotlights more than 80 works by the four photographers, allocating half of the space to the lustrous black-and-white pictures of Edward Weston (1886-1958), the first to take up the practice. Almost all of Edward's best-known masterpieces feature, from his textural portraits to his nudes, sand dunes, plain objects transformed into sculptures--and, of course, his iconic "vegetables," the pepper, artichoke, cabbage and shell close-ups that cemented his place as a master of modernist photography.
Alongside Edward's works, the book includes a selection of images by his son Brett (1911-93), who captured landscapes through geometric forms that evoke abstract art; his other son Cole (1919-2003), who distanced himself from his father through the use of color; and his granddaughter Cara (born 1957), who offers a contemporary twist on refined black-and-white photography.


  •  240 x 280 x 17.78mm | 1,080g