Vintage Beauty Parlor : Flawless Hair and Make-Up in Iconic Vintage Styles

Yayınevi: Ryland Peters & Small

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Step back in time to an age of Hollywood glamour, summer-lovin' or punk rock, with this gorgeous collection of vintage hair and make-up styles to re-create at home.

The desire for all things vintage has truly made its way back into fashion and, as the demand for classic clothing increases, so do the iconic hair and make-up looks to match. With styles from every decade between the 1920s and 1980s, you can re-create the beautiful looks made famous by the music, movie stars and top trends of the times.

At a time of dancing, cocktails and underground parties, enter the Jazz Age with the style of a confident Society Gal, perfecting smoky eyes and pin curls to match that little black, beaded dress. Or channel the colourful liberation of the Swinging Sixties where big beehives and dramatic lashes went hand in hand with the groovy patterns found in clothing and accessories.

As the iconic looks and style of the last century catwalk their way back into the mainstream, Vintage Beauty Parlor has all the tips and trends you need to become a vintage icon.