Treasures from the Patek Philippe Museum : Vol. 1: The Emergence of the Watch (Antique Collection); Vol. 2: The Quest for the Perfect Watch (Patek Philippe Collection)

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Innovation, exclusivity, and elegance define Patek Philippe, a family-owned company with a single and passionate calling: to perfect the watch. These lavishly illustrated books present some of the most important timepieces from the more than 3,000 watches exhibited at the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. These precious timepieces have been passionately assembled over more than 40 years by Philippe Stern, Honorary President of the company, and include some of the most valuable pieces in watchmaking history. The books allow you to take the Patek Philippe Museum's exhibition home with you, or, alternatively, to get a preview of its treasures before you visit.

From the collection of historic watches featuring the first portable timepieces dating back to the 16th century to innovative milestones in Patek Philippe's portfolio since its founding in 1839, each watch is reproduced with such beauty and precision that you can almost hear it ticking. With expert curatorial insight and context from Peter Friess, Conservateur of the Patek Philippe Museum, these intricate mechanisms are not only presented for themselves; they also offer a unique perspective into the cultural history of the last 500 years. True to the trust and excellence of the Patek Philippe brand, the presentation, the extraordinary book design by Birgit Binner, and content of these sumptuous publications meet the highest professional standards. They are the perfect books for the "perfect watch."


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