They Lived Happily Ever After : Love in the Animal World

Yayınevi: White Star

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Humans do not need words to express their feelings. They can use a smile, offer a gift or simply be there. In this way, we humans are a lot like our animal friends. Even when spiders, fish, birds, in other word all types of animals are young and meet someone they like, sparks fly and love is born. Each animal has its own way to win the heart of a mate that in some cases will be its mate for life.

This book is a collection of love stories starring romantically monogamous animals like wolves, eagles, lovebirds and penguins. There are also the stories of animals whose courting rituals are surprisingly creative, like the dance of the blue-footed booby or the synchronous flashing of fireflies. The result is truly an ode to love, tender and ironic, fun and colourful, thanks to the stunning images created by Isabella Grott.
  •  270 x 360 x 10mm | 742g