The Rough Patch : The Art of Living Together

Yayınevi: Vintage Books

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Put your relationship first in 2020 with this powerful and nuanced guide to learning to live - and love - together.

'Anyone in any relationship at any stage of life could stand to learn from the wisdom in these pages' Andrew Solomon

The years of midlife can be a struggle. Children grow up, jobs change and the things that used to make us happy don't necessarily work anymore. Long-term relationships, in particular, can lose their shine.

In The Rough Patch Daphne de Marneffe shows us a way through these potentially difficult years to a life lived with integrity, vitality and love. She offers us seasoned wisdom on the psychological, emotional and relational capacities we need in order to overcome our problems as individuals and as couples. Every reader will find himself or herself in these pages.

Blending research, interviews and clinical experience, de Marneffe covers the key problems that challenge us in midlife with wit and warmth. The Rough Patch, for all its pain and bewilderment, presents an opportunity - to know ourselves, to expand our scope, to grow, and to grow up.