The Lazy Frenchie in NYC : Lifestyle Guide for Instagram Lovers

Yayınevi: Lannoo

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Here is the Instagram guide to (re)discovering New York in style, including addresses for eating, drinking, shopping, sightseeing and (street) art. Documenting the daily life and preferred secret spots of an expat in the city, it is a lifestyle guide, a photo album, and a mood board all in one. The Lazy Frenchie is a must-have for millennials and Instagram addicts who love New York. It is a colourful, photo-centric guidebook that uses popular hashtags as captions: #AvocadoToast, #CoffeeBreak, #VintageMarket, #DateNight, #StreetArtIsEverywhere, #IHaveThisThingWithFloors, etc. It will cater to tourists and locals alike.