The Illustrated Feminist : 100 Years of Suffrage, Strength, and Sisterhood in America

Yayınevi: Abrams Books

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A beautifully illustrated history celebrating the achievements of American women from 1920 to present day

The year 2020 will mark the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote in America, and what better way to commemorate the 19th Amendment than with a gorgeously illustrated handbook that explores a century's worth of feminism? Each chapter illustrates 10 landmark moments in each decade from 1920 to 2020. Featuring iconic events and the trailblazing women who made them happen, from Amelia Earhart to Shirley Chisholm, The Illustrated Feminist will inspire both dedicated feminists and burgeoning activists to continue the fight for women's rights. Aura Lewis's powerful artwork coupled with her well-researched and accessible text make this book an ideal gift for anyone looking to celebrate groundbreaking women and their colorful history.


  •  184 x 236 x 29mm | 840g