The Good Left Undone

Yayınevi: Penguin Books Ltd

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Domenica Cabrelli had two great loves of her life.

The first, her childhood sweetheart: a boy from the same small, sun-drenched Italian town of Viareggio. A romance born out of yearning and shared history.

Then, on an idyllic French coastline in the shadow of war, Domenica's second great love affair: a mysterious captain, with a future on the front line.

Many decades later, as her daughter, Matelda, starts to unpack her mother's legacy, she realises there is much Domenica left untold.

About what kept her away from Italy for so long. What ultimately brought her home again.

And the secret that bound her two great loves together . . .


  • Paperback ? : ? 496 pages
  • Dimensions ? : ? 39.4 x 12.5 x 52 cm