The Cow : A Tribute

Yayınevi: Teneues Pub.

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"For thousands of years, they have crossed continents with us, traversed mountain ranges and seas with us: our loyal, ever-devoted and supportive fellow travelers. We should be bound by affection for our close companion, the cow." Werner Lampert

"It will take eons of love to repay animals for their services and generosity to us."

With this quote from Christian Morgenstern, leading sustainability expert and organic entrepreneur Werner Lampert adorns his illustrated book, The Cow: A Tribute, a project very dear to his heart. Lampert developed a passion for cattle from an early age. Again and again, he was drawn to the pastures of his native Austria to admire these dignified, gentle animals and their calming effect. With its rich photography, this evocative book pays tribute to the soulfulness of cattle and the special bond between man and cow, much threatened in our age of industrial-scale farming. Around the world, Lampert and his team of select photographers have tracked down the most beautiful, rare cattle, capturing them in their natural and often spectacular surroundings with empathy and respect. A touching testimony to a much-loved animal, the gorgeous images in The Cow: A Tribute are rounded out with profound, at times poetic, texts; informative facts and history about different cattle breeds; and entertaining anecdotes.