The Cat Man of Aleppo

Yayınevi: Rock the Boat

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Out of the ravages of war came hope. How an act of kindness inspired millions worldwide.

When war came to Syria, many fled the once-beautiful city of Aleppo and were forced to become refugees in far-flung places. But Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel decided to stay and work as an ambulance driver, helping the civilians that couldn't leave. He quickly realised that it wasn't just people who needed care, but also the hundreds of cats abandoned on the streets. Using the little money he earned, he began feeding and looking after them. But there were too many for Alaa to care for on his own, so he asked the world for help to keep his new friends safe. Soon, his call was answered.

Alaa's brave and heart-warming story is brought to triumphant life on these pages, which include a note from Alaa himself.

Alaa's cat sanctuary has expanded to work with local children traumatised by a lifetime of war. To find out more about his work, visit


  •  198 x 234 x 8mm | 206g