The Bicycle : A Miscellany on Two Wheels

Yayınevi: ACC Art Books

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As the world speeds up, as technology takes over, it is worth
remembering how we used to live. This three-book series is a nostalgic
hymn to an era when life was slower: a meandering ramble through the
British countryside by bicycle, automobile and train.

Squeeze the brakes, sit back and coast downhill with this irreverent collection of cycling memorabilia. The Bicycle
is packed with pictures, fun facts, and light-hearted commentary,
gathering photographs of vintage bikes, John Bull puncture repair kits,
and misspelled signs rejecting the rights of 'Bycicles' to be locked to
railings. Crossing the country from Cumbria to Cambridge, this quaint,
pocket-sized manual is a compendium of all things two-wheeled.


  •  125 x 190 x 17.78mm | 294g