Surviving Solo Motherhood

Yayınevi: Welbeck Publishing Group

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Whether you're single by choice or not, becoming a single mother is mentally exhausting. And in a world where negative stereotypes are still rife, it can be difficult to ask for help. This is where Surviving Solo Motherhood steps in, offering emotional support to single mothers of any aged child.

Journalist Amy Rose and clinical psychologist Dr Emma Cotterill draw upon the lived experiences of the single parent community and look closely at the effect single-parent life can have on your mental health. Each chapter focuses on a different emotional state, and includes personal, lived experience an array of single mothers from various backgrounds, as well as psychological support and tools. Topics covered within the book include:

* Anxiety - a look at various triggers single mothers experience and discussion of the different types of anxiety, de-mystifying what it is (a physical response to threat real or perceived) and what it isn't (a sign that you are failing as a parent).
* Shame - unpicking the broader theme of stereotyping single mothers, while sharing personal experiences of shame from women of various backgrounds. The book covers the difference between shame and remorse and how our body processes shame.
* Grief - understanding how to recognize and process your grief, unlearning everything you knew about your and your child's future and reconstructing what your idea of family looks like.
* Joy - how to find joy once more, in the small moments and creating a life you're proud of. Strategies to find joy in hard times.

By working through this book you will become more resilient and feel stronger, allowing you to be more present for your child.

This is the book to reach for when you need somewhere to turn.


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