Smart Photos

Yayınevi: White Lion Publishing

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Packed with projects and inspirational ideas you can do any time, any place, become an accomplished photographer while feeding your creativity with this guide that reveals what just what your smartphone camera is capable of.

A camera phone is something we always have on us and creativity is something we all have in us but often we struggle to use them properly, feeling like we don't have the time, space or inclination to dedicate to it.

Here, photography expert and bestselling author Jo Bradford supplies a collection of practical exercises that allow you to master the features on your smartphone camera to take incredible images and also help you to easily reconnect with your creative side.

By encouraging you to try something different with your camera and seek out creative opportunities - from light painting to collage, image stacking to time-lapse landscapes - soon you will once again feel the satisfaction of thinking and acting creatively, with the added benefit of taking you from a snapper to an accomplished photographer with visual literacy.

Smartphone photography is addictive with a tangible feel-good factor; it's time to embrace it and capture the moments that matter to you in all their glory.


  •  160 x 210 x 15.24mm | 470g