Shades of Sensuality

Yayınevi: Teneues Pub.

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"Her images are a thoughtful ode to all women - to their grace and beauty, and the gentle spirit of modern feminism - and they are now presented in book form for the first time." -Square Mile

As one of the few women with countless exhibitions and awards in recent years, Tina Trumpp has made a name for herself in the nude photography scene. For her, the female nude is never just an erotic motif. Every one of her photographs is an ode to the grace, elegance and strength of her subjects.

With natural light and soft rendering, she creates unique and sensual nude imagery: thoughtful, seductive and always incomparably aesthetic. Featuring 180 colour and black and white images, this photo book is the first large-format publication of Tina Trumpp's photographs, a powerful collection and combination of sexuality, serenity, and self-confidence.


  •  275 x 340 x 23.88mm | 1,978g