Sea Fishing : Expert Tips and Techniques for Yachtsmen, Motorboaters and Sea Anglers

Yayınevi: Adlard Coles Nautical

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Every yachtsman or motorboater has at some point entertained the idea of catching their own supper, but until Sea Fishing there hasn't been a book to guide them through it. This unique handbook fills the gap. Fishing whilst cruising along the coast or at anchor isn't as easy as it might at first seem, but this practical, photographic guide shows the novice how to set up their tackle, bait the line correctly and how to work with the tide to best effect.

Different fishing techniques, tackle, weights and (importantly) bait are required when sailing at speed, drifting along the coast or fishing whilst at anchor, and this book presents them all with helpful step-by-step photos and diagrams. It also details how to kill, de-scale, fillet, skin and cook your catch. There is also a fish identification section that shows every type of fish that can be caught between Scotland and Gibraltar. Updated for the second edition, there is a new section on wreck fishing, and a wider range of fish is covered.

With this book, some perseverance and a little luck, anyone trying their hand will soon be able to plan for the pleasure of fresh fish cooked aboard.