Places to Visit Before They Disappear

Yayınevi: White Star

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A powerful and magnificent call to action to protect Earth and our legacy War, climate change, natural disasters, and our own destructive behaviour have endangered some of Earth's most precious treasures, from historical sites and monuments to unique natural habitats. This profusely illustrated volume pays tribute to some of the wonders that remain at risk, including the archaeological remains of Afghanistan's Bamiyan Valley, devastated by the Taliban; Alaska's Denali National Park, harmed by tourism and uncontrolled development; Tanzania's Telous Game Reserve, victimized by poachers; and the Kiribati Archipelago in Oceania, which could vanish entirely due to rising sea levels. Places to Visit Before They Disappear captures a troubling present, offers a message of hope for the future, and calls on us all to protect our natural environment and cultural heritage. AUTHOR: Jasmina Trifoni is a journalist specializing in tourism. She worked for Meridiani magazine for ten years and now writes for leading Italian periodicals. For White Star Publishers she has written 'The Treasures of Art', 'Nature Sanctuaries', and 'Ancient Civilizations in the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO' series, 'The Great Cities of the World', '80 Islands to Escape to'..., The World's 100 Best Adventure Trips', 'Dream Vacations for the Cube Book' series, and 'Romantic and Dream Vacations'. SELLING POINTS: 'Places to Visit Before They Disappear' is a powerful call to action to protect Earth and our legacy