Paper. Pen. Pandemic.

Yayınevi: Gestalten Verlag

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Paper. Pen. Pandemic. Viral cartoons around the globe. The coronavirus crisis and its consequences for economy, politics and society. A critical statement on current events in more than 400 cartoons The economy put in shackles: a critical review on the coronavirus pandemic in more than 400 cartoon The coronavirus outbreak has paralyzed the world: an unprecedented stress test for the health system, enormous challenges for politics and society, resulting in unforeseeable effects on the economy. Can we manage this global challenge? The world leaders and decision-makers in business and politics face difficult tasks every day, because solutions are required quickly. But are the governments' measures to contain the pandemic justified and appropriate? Cartoonists from all over the world have asked themselves these questions. Their drawings and paintings in this illustrated book comment on current events, straight to the point and with a good dose of humor. - How are world governments managing the coronavirus crisis? A critical examination in more than 400 cartoons - Joe Dator, Jason Raish, Gerhard Haderer or Bruce MacKinnon: International artists and illustrators take a stand on the COVID-19 situation - »The New Normal« Did you bring your hand sanitizer and facemask? Our life in times of COVID-19 - A global view on how the pandemic is affecting the economy worldwide: from Italy, the US to Brazil, South Africa or China Will the coronavirus crisis trump other urgent issues? (Keyword-relevant?) The lockdown created funny behaviors: hoarding of toilet paper and DIY haircuts as well as video conferencing in sweatpants. Unfortunately, social isolation, fear of the future and economic losses due to short-time working are also part of our new everyday life. The crisis shows which professions are relevant for the economic system. Social imbalances and inequalities are becoming abundantly clear. At the same time, issues that demanded urgent action before the outbreak of the virus seem to be forgotten, like the refugee crisis, global warming and the world economic crisis. This cartoon book critically comments on the current situation and makes us rethink our priorities!


  •  215.9 x 266.7 x 27.94mm | 1,247.38g