Our Share of Night

Yayınevi: Granta

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Gaspar is in danger. Only six-years-old, he is frightened he may have inherited the same strange abilities as his father, Juan; a powerful medium who canopen locked doors, commune with the dead, and possess the ancient forces ofthe Darkness.

Now father and son are in flight, hunted by the Order, a group of wealthy acolytes who seek to harness the Darkness, no matter the cost. Among them,Gaspar's grandmother, whose twisted desires have already driven her to commit unspeakable acts.Nothing will stop the Order, nothing is beyond them. Surrounded by horrors,can Gaspar and Juan break free?

Spanning the brutal years of Argentina's military dictatorship and its turbulentaftermath, Our Share of Night is a haunting, thrilling novel of broken families,cursed land, inheritance, power, and the terrible sacrifices a father will maketo help his son escape his destiny.

'A singular, soul-rattling novel...I've never read anything like it' - Jessamine Chan, New York Times bestselling author of The School for Good Mothers
'A novel so disquieting, so unsettling I could neither put it down, nor read it late at night.' - Kelly Link, author of White Cat, Black Dog and Get in Trouble


  •  153 x 234 x 55mm | 891g