Nutella: 60 Classic Recipes : From simple, family treats to delicious cakes & desserts: Official Cookbook

Yayınevi: White Lion Publishing

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Who doesn't enjoy a plate of NUTELLA (R) on toast?

In this Official Nutella (R) Cookbook, the universally popular hazelnut cocoa spread that is a staple of the breakfasts and snacks of our childhood is taken to a new level here by Chef Gregory Cohen in 60 mouthwatering recipes.

Discover a delicious array of cakes, pastries and desserts made with the classic store cupboard ingredient. Bakes include Nutella (R) mixed berry muffins, babka and orange cake, alongside delights such as Tarte Tatin, vanilla & praline eclairs and Yule log. With techniques and recipes to suit every level of expertise, this book will appeal to everyone with a shared love of the World-famous spread.


  •  230 x 280 x 23.88mm | 1,000g