Not Just Jam

Yayınevi: Murdoch Books

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A kitchen groaning with full jars is the sign of a future well catered for. Gourmet farmer Matthew Evan's new book is an ode to the surplus of the seasons -- a collection of more than 90 modern recipes for old-fashioned cooking methods. Not just for those who grow their own fruit and vegetables, Not Just Jam is also for the home cook who wants their dishes to resonate with the unparalleled flavour of freshly grown produce. And the best part is that it's easy. Matthew's recipes show that anyone can Pickle onions to use all year or make Pear and cardamom jam to brighten morning toast. Lunch can be made all the better by spicing up your bacon sandwich with some Wholegrain apple cider mustard and some Real brown sauce, washed down with Raspberry & peach cordial. Not Just Jam also extends to dessert; drizzle your ice-cream with Gooseberry and sour cherry syrup crafted in your own kitchen, or pour delicious Apple syrup over freshly made pancakes.Not Just Jam is all about making the most of fresh produce, making real food from scratch and feeling great about what you feed your household.