New Jewellery Techniques

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A detailed and abundantly-illustrated reference that focuses on the innovative curved score folding for sheet metal techniques to create beautiful, dynamic three-dimensional forms, much like metal origami, in jewellery and metalsmithing. Anastasia Young and Paul Wells, both renowned London-based jewellers, authors and lecturers, have created a practical visual handbook on curved scoring and folding techniques applied to jewellery and metalsmithing for small objects. The book's clear, hands-on approach, with explanatory photographs for each step, makes it an invaluable resource for established jewellers wishing to learn more about new techniques, jewellery students, home crafters and advanced amateurs. Readers will discover a variety of ways to score and fold metal and give it different finishes, shaping flat sheets into to visually stunningly organic forms, including guides on the tools needed for each method. A final section contains useful resources, from a detailed analysis of score depth based on the gauge of the wire used (through diagrams to aid design and planning) to information about where to source materials and facts about metalworking and jewellery in general. AUTHORS: Anastasia Young is a London-based jewellery artist, author and lecturer whose work has been exhibited internationally. Young's eclectic jewellery is often project-based and driven by a combination of ideas and technical investigation; she uses narrative to explore both the design of a piece and its display when not being worn. Examples of her work are held in the permanent collections of the Science Museum, London and Central Saint Martins Museum. Young is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and Central Saint Martins, where she lectures and teaches short courses in jewellery making. Having written three technical jewellery books (Thames & Hudson, A&C Black) which have been translated into seven languages, Young is well known as an educator and through her teaching and writing. In 2017, Anastasia was appointed to the board of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery, and is also the Technical Features Editor of its biannual magazine, Findings. Paul Wells is an award-winning London based silversmith and jeweler, renowned for his use of direct metalworking techniques. Wells' silverware makes innovative use of fold-forming and he has developed a method of creating curved scores which can be used to fold sheet metal in a visually stunning and unique style. His technique has been recognised by Goldsmiths' Crafts and Design Council with two Gold Awards for Technological Innovation. Wells' exploration of this technique has led to the production of intrinsically organic silver forms which almost appear to have grown themselves into existence, creating confounding biomorphic designs that are both functional and decorative. Having taught at several London colleges for two decades, Paul Wells is a respected educator and keen advocate of fold-forming, and has contributed to many books published by Quarto, Thames & Hudson and A&C Black. SELLING POINTS: . An essential, easy-to-understand reference for anyone who wants to perfect his or her metalworking techniques, full of photographs to illustrate every step of the way . The only book on the market that demonstrates the curved scoring technique . Filled with practical resources such as tips, advice on tools, diagrams, and a glossary of commonly-used industry terms . Renowned authors with ample experience both in jewellery making and teaching, thus providing a very instructional and informational text. Anastasia Young's previous books have become a reference in the field of jewellery . A detailed and richly-illustrated reference book on contemporary metalworking and jewellery techniques for home-crafters and serious amateurs, and even professional jewellers 450 illustrations


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