Nature's Blessings

Yayınevi: Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd

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Be inspired by the wonderful world of nature through intentions, practical exercises and meditations for greater wellbeing and joy.

We are always looking for ways to reconnect with nature. The benefits of spending time outdoors include engaging our senses and experiencing the landscape at a deeper level - but it's not so easy to rewild and run free when we have chores and responsibilities. That's where Nature's Blessings can help. Kirsten Riddle will help you shift your perspective, engage with the environment and learn more about the natural world. She looks at a range of aspects of nature, from trees to rivers, sunlight to storms, butterflies to otters, and highlights ideas and positive lessons associated with each one. Arranged by the four elements, there are overall themes throughout the book: Earth is about grounding and balance; Air is about inspiration and freedom; Fire is connected to confidence and passion; Water concerns healing and self-expression. Each entry includes a daily intention, associated folklore, practical exercises to try and a closing meditation. With tips and suggestions on how you can connect with nature and the intentions at different stages during your day, you will soon be able to welcome all the blessings of nature into your life.


  •  190 x 235 x 13.46mm | 490g