Mochiko : A Beautiful Mind

Yayınevi: White Star

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In Japanese culture even the slightest facial movement can be of significance, since it is considered highly inappropriate to openly show one's emotions. This book, named after the sweet rice flour used by the Geishas in their traditional makeup, is a showcase of human facial expressions and their corresponding emotions. The delicate, amusing illustrations from the Japanese creative studio "Pompette" present a series of different facial expressions, accompanied by famous quotations which probe into the emotions hidden behind the expressions. How does one say "smile" in Japanese? And "inner calm"? The answers can be found in these pages, which also give the original Japanese ideogram, its phonetic pronunciation and its translation. AUTHOR: Pompette are a design duo hoping to deliver a little happiness through their creations. Hiroko Kuwada, known for her whimsical illustrations with a little humour, was born and raised in Hiroshima and studied design in Kyoto. Yuko Watatani is the visionary and critical thinker of Pompette. Born in Osaka Graphic illustrations


  •  150 x 160 x 17mm | 328g