Michael Caine : Photographed by Terry O'Neill

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"When the pre-eminent portrait photographer of the day met the Cockney kid dominating the London film scene, magic was made." - Australian Women's Weekly Icons

"Caine, the timeless gentleman." - Diego Armes, GQ Portugal

"I had to be an actor," Michael Caine once said. "[...] And of course, you have to remember with me, the alternative was a factory."

A working-class actor who broke through to stardom, Caine's screen-time involves standout performances across multiple genres. To this day, he is synonymous with a certain kind of urbane cool. No camera has captured this quality over the decades better than that of his collaborator and long-time friend, Terry O'Neill.

Michael Caine: Photographed by Terry O'Neill offers an immersive visual journey through Michael Caine's career, immortalising Caine's charm both in and out of character. Caine occupies a landmark position in cinema and O'Neill was there from the early days of his stellar career. From the comedy of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels to the European drama of Seven Times A Woman; from the miasma of The Magus to the British cult classic Get Carter, this book combines black and white and colour images and includes never-before-seen contact sheets.

Featuring the following films: Mona Lisa, Midnight in Saint Petersburg / Bullet to Beijing, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Blue Ice, Without a Clue, Get Carter, Deadfall, Magus, Woman Times Seven, Funeral in Berlin.


  •  285 x 325 x 29.97mm | 2,328g