Meet The Artist: Frank Bowling

Yayınevi: Tate Publishing

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"Meet the Artist: Frank Bowling is packed with make-and-dos and inspiring activities for budding young artists. Experiment with paints and glue in ways you never imagined, make layered collages using recycling and design your own world using stencils and fantasy maps! Bursting with inspiring activities, the revised and expanded Meet the Artist series of activity books introduces children to internationally renowned artists in a fun and engaging way. Every book includes a brief introduction to the artist's life followed by a series of activities that explore prominent themes and ideas in the artist's body of work. Featuring beautiful reproductions of key artworks, and illustrated by a leading contemporary illustrator, every book in the Meet the Artist series encourages children to use art as an avenue for exploring ideas and expressing their own experiences through art-making. Born in Guyana in 1936, Frank Bowling arrived in Britain in his late teens, going on to study painting at the the Royal College of Art in the same cohort as David Hockney and Derek Boshier. Bowling has led an extraordinarily colourful life spanning three continents, eight decades and countless canvases and is one of Britain's most important painters. Enter into the vivid world of Frank Bowling and create your own inspiring art along the way!"


  •  280 x 248 x 5.08mm | 199.58g