Kindling 03

Yayınevi: Simon & Schuster

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Kindling is the new magazine for people with children from the team who make Kinfolk. Packed with thought-provoking features, fun activities and playful photography and illustrations, it's a place to explore the fresh perspectives that come with raising a child.


"A fresh approach to parenthood and a genuinely exciting new launch."--MagCulture

"Clever design and insightful articles... Having fun while making a magazine."--Monocle

"Graphic shapes, quirky illustrations, and the superb photography that Kinfolk is famous for."--Print Mag

"Kindling is a reminder that childrearing can be treated as a lens through which people can view the rest of their lives rather than the defining characteristic."--Eye on Design


  •  165 x 234 x 7.62mm | 283.5g