Kimon's Greek Table : How to Cook, Cherish and Reinvent Culinary Classics

Yayınevi: Teneues Pub.

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Under the Greek sun, along the shore of the Aegean Sea, you may find there is more to Greek cooking worth discovering! Kimon Riefenstahl is an expert in hospitality and the owner of restaurants ranking amongst the best in the country. In Kimon's Greek Table, though, he is an adventurer on a culinary journey to his very own Greek roots which take him back to original Mediterranean flavours, to colourful markets and traditional barkeepers, not without an occasional detour to gastronomic peaks.

In Kimon's Greek Table, the passionate chef shares a very personal recipe collection-a mixture of culinary childhood memories, experimental cooking adventures, and Greek cuisine classics. The grandson of an experienced fisherman and slow food lover is not just interested in a great Greek meal in friendly company; the careful selection and origin of individual ingredients are just as important as the results. From breakfast to evening mains, the majority of his dishes are sourced from small local farms and markets, or indeed from his own vegetable garden and chicken coop.

Kimon Riefenstahl always carries the sun of Greece in his heart and its flavors on his palette. He knows exactly why the best Greek salad keeps its ingredients minimal, why high-quality olive oil makes all the difference, and why a proper Greek Meze can be the making of lifelong friendship.

In this book, Kimon shares his discoveries from beyond the borders of traditional food rules, his personal collection of over 80 recipes for new culinary creations and timeless classics. A road to indulgence, better attentiveness and slowing down. The Mediterranean way.

For experienced cooks and curious beginners alike, Kimon's Greek Table is a beautiful cookbook of Aegean flavors and a rich inspiration for greater culinary pleasure, mindfulness, and deceleration.