Inner Harmony : Living in Balance

Yayınevi: Teneues Pub.

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"...explores how and why Buddhist practices have come to inspire and enlighten people worldwide, offering insight into the universally relevant principles that can enhance our ability to live a less stressful, more balanced life, regardless of one's spiritual path." - OM Yoga & Lifestyle

"The arresting visuals and accompanying words will remind you to slow down, zen out, and remember that your problems probably aren't as big as you're making them out to be." -Perri O. Blumberg, Men's Journal
"A rare and intimate glimpse into Buddhist practices." -Amateur Photographer

Searching for peace within - an increasing necessity, and challenge, in our turbulent times. In this richly illustrated book, photographer and physician Jon Kolkin explores how and why Buddhist spiritual practices have come to inspire and enlighten people all around the globe.

For 12 years, Kolkin travelled to Buddhist centres across Asia, capturing the everyday life of monks and nuns on camera. Impressive and respectful, his 220 mostly black-and-white photographs offer powerful insight into the otherwise hushed and hidden world of meditation and mindfulness. With his profound feeling for light and composition, Kolkin's rare and intimate images capture the uniqueness of each mindful moment, as well as the universal reach and inspiration of Buddhist practice.

  •  235 x 300 x 27.94mm | 1,703g