How to Go Alcohol Free : 100 Tips for a Sober Life

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If you're thinking about going sober for Dry January or looking to make a long-term change, How to Go Alcohol Free is the easy guide to kicking the drink in 100 simple steps.

Drinking is on the decline, with more and more people turning away from the bottle. The financial and wellbeing benefits of going alcohol free - from more financial stability to better sleep, relationships, skin and mental health - are undeniable. There has never been a better time to give sobriety a go.

Whether you're a diehard drinker or a sometimes sipper, How to Go Alcohol Free is here to help you take control and change to a no-alcohol lifestyle. Helping you to understand your alcohol intake and its effects, and offering practical ways to take a break from booze, Kate Bee will help you plan for, switch to and enjoy a life beyond booze.


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