Harley Davidson :The Legendary Models

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Ever since the original appearance of their first single-cylinder engine, followed by their twin cylinders, the Harley-Davidson has distinguished itself by imposing its models, owing to their trustworthiness and endurance, and then because of how many competitions they won. The new Harley-Davidsons have become motorcycles offering modern performances, but which have succeeded in conserving the spirit of the brand and, above all, that special Harley-Davidson character. All you need to do is climb into the saddle and rev up a Harley-Davidson to discover a new motorcycling universe, where the concept of pleasure reveals its full meaning. And this is the universe that this book invites you to discover, through the history of the brand's main models, embodying nearly 110 years of motorcycling adventures, touching upon tourism, sport, customization, and the simple and outright passion for motorcycles. AUTHOR: Pascal Szymezak, is a journalist who specialise in motorcycles, he began by collaborating with various periodicals and magazines, all related to motorcycling and motorcycle travel. He later became editor-in-chief for a monthly magazine specialising in the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, the new American models, the history, and trips through the country. He is the author and co-author of various books on the Harley-Davidson. ILLUSTRATIONS: 264 colour photographs