Ghost Music

Yayınevi: Vintage Publishing

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A gorgeous novel of music, secrets and self-discovery from the brilliant young author of Braised Pork

For three years, Song Yan has filled the emptiness of her Beijing apartment with the tentative notes of her young piano students. With her marriage, she gave up on her own career as a concert pianist, but her husband Bowen has long rebuffed her desire to have a child.

Instead, she must accommodate her mother-in-law, newly arrived from the province of Yunnan and bringing with her long-buried family secrets. Soon strange parcels start to show up on the doorstep and Song Yan's dreams become troubling and claustrophobic. Striking out alone through the winter city, she finds herself pulled into the ancient hutongs to confront the source of her unease. In a still, silent room in a timeless house, can she find the notes she needs to make sense of all the pain and beauty in her life?

Evocative, magical and endlessly surprising, Ghost Music is a captivating journey through memory, expression and self-discovery towards the shimmer of new beginnings.

Praise for Braised Pork:

'Startlingly original' Guardian
'Intensely atmospheric' LA Review of Books
'Otherworldly and deeply moving' BuzzFeed
'Real magic' LitHub
'Shimmering' Wall Street Journal
'Rich and wild' Observer
'Enchanting' Shelf Awareness
'Electric' TIME


  •  135 x 216 x 18mm | 240g