Futureproof Your Garden

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Welcome to your essential guide for creating healthy, sustainable, water-wise gardens and landscapes. Futureproof Your Garden is a go-to resource for anyone who wants expert advice on how to use, capture and store water efficiently in times of drought or deluge. Angus and Emma help you to choose plants that not only suit your personal style, but that can adapt to changing environments. A photographic plant directory is packed with information on what to plant where, and the pair share design know-how that's adaptable to outdoor spaces of all sizes. Soil care is considered in comprehensive detail, and photo essays offer step-by-step garden DIY how-tos - including wicking beds, capillary watering, deep irrigation and ollas.

Make the most of a guide to plant selection that equips you to create landscapes that are functional, beautiful and resilient, covering techniques for ornamental, habitat and edible gardens. Filled with knowledge and wisdom from two generations of widely respected horticulturalists, this is a must-have for any gardener looking to the future of what to plant and grow.

Angus Stewart is a Hobart-based horticulturalist who has spent a lifetime working with plants. He was a long-time presenter on Gardening Australia, and Futureproof Your Garden is his sixth book. Sydney-based horticulturalist Emma Stewart inherited her father's passion and is dedicated to a sustainable gardening future.


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