From Burnout to Balance : How to Reclaim Your Life & Improve Your Health

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If you feel permanently exhausted, wrung out, trapped, angry and dissociated you may be experiencing symptoms of burnout. Do you feel you are working harder and longer but achieving less? Do you constantly feel under the weather, or suffer persistent aches, pains, niggles and minor illnesses that won't go away? Living in a constant state of low-level stress, with an increasing reliance on our stress hormones to keep us going, can lead to adrenal exhaustion.

One of the difficulties with burnout is that its build-up can be very gradual and it's all too easy to hit crisis point without realising that this is where we've been headed for weeks, if not for months or years. In From Burnout to Balance, Harriet Griffey helps readers to reclaim their life by recognising their own signs of stress, managing these and avoiding their escalation through positive lifestyle changes, and ensuring basic self-care measures every day - adequate sleep, regular nutritious meals, exercise and relaxation - to keep body and mind resilient, all helps.

Featuring a quiz on how to recognise burnout, information on how to understand what is the root cause of any issues, a 24-hour crisis plan and four-week programme to help you recover your life, this book is essential reading for anyone who is experiencing symptoms or burnout and wants to live a calm, happy, stress-free life.


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