From A to B : A Cartoon Guide to Getting Around by Bike

Yayınevi: Bloomsbury

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'Pure joy. Happy, generous, funny, kind, wise and full of fresh air. An absolutely wonderful book.' - Jeremy Vine

'Engaging, entertaining and enlightening' - Chris Boardman

'A glorious celebration of the wonder and absurdity of cycling' - Ned Boulting

'Hilarious' - Cycling Weekly

More joyful cycling cartoons from the renowned Cycling Cartoonist.

Inside you'll find over 100 full-page cartoons that cast an affectionate eye over the delights and challenges of cycling: from everyday commuting to cycling adventures, and everything in between.

This cartoon manifesto for pedal-powered transport is a mixture of comedic insights and actually useful information, for everyone from beginners to seasoned cycling campaigners. These are funny, thoughtful and powerful cartoons from best-selling cartoonist Dave Walker, celebrating the simple pleasure of getting from A to B on two wheels.

Topics addressed include:
- Motivational sentiments for riding up hills
- Ways to keep your saddle dry in the rain
- Things you could carry on a cargo bike
- A traffic report for the National Cycle Network


  •  200 x 200 x 17.78mm | 520g