French Regional Breads

Yayınevi: Gourcuff Gradenigo

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- A book for the serious cook or professional - Written by a highly regarded expert on breads - Offers an unusual view into the history and culture of France France is a nation of breads and bakers. The Parisian baguette, crisp, golden and fragrant, is the best known and most iconic of all French loaves. But it is less well known that every region of France, and virtually every town and village, boasts its own its own local bread, baked using its own traditions, ingredients and skills. The range of French regional breads is vast, and each has its own distinct appearance. The shape and size of a loaf, the dense or open texture of its crumb, its colors, aromas and flavors - all these individual characteristics highlight the special skills and expertise of local bakers. Each of 24 regions is profiled, including a conversation with an area baker discussing regional history, traditions and techniques, as well as a recipe. Richly illustrated with archival, instructional, and finished bread photography, this book will appeal to true Francophiles, and serious and professional bakers.