For the Love of Pets

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What wouldn't animal-loving humans do to create the perfect modern habitat for their cherished animals? Not surprisingly, pet owners are forever seeking ways to provide the best environment to make life for their pets as enjoyable and engaging as possible. Designing the perfect architecture and interiors for pets and animals of all shapes, sizes, species, and breeds is all about creating a seamless coexistence. Showcased here are heaps of fun and unique projects created by an inventive global design community. The charming, imaginative, and inspired interiors and architectural systems presented in this book offer a beautiful combination of aesthetics and creature comfort, be they for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chickens, turtles, horses, and many others. This carefully curated selection includes not only ingenious yet elegant built-in cat ladders, scratchers, and walkways, and private dog nooks - even a noise-canceling kennel for the most pampered of pooches - but also amazing modular mazes for the busiest cat, rabbit, guinea pig, or hamster, as well as beautiful, sculptural birdhouses and charming log-cabin-style chicken coops. It also features funky cat cafes and special shelter ideas to keep both human and animal creatures calm. This delightful book presents a lovable assortment of safe and sustainable pet-friendly projects, ideal for design - and animal -conscious folk who want to turn their interiors or workspaces into the most comfortable living/playpen environments for their beloved fur-babies (and other pets) to roam and rest. SELLING POINTS: . Features around 50 of the most inspiring, fun, original, and interesting ideas for super pet-friendly designs for the home and other spaces . Designers and architects from around the world focus on creating many quirky and ingenious designs, including built-in cat ladders, scratchers, and walkways, private dog nooks and specialist kennels, amazing modular mazes, beautiful, sculptural birdhouses, and much more . Focus is on creating interiors, furniture, and architectural environments that are for the optimal benefit of pets and other domesticated animals, and using sustainable and animal-friendly materials 400 colour illustrations


  •  190 x 250 x 22.86mm | 450g