Fondue & Raclette

Yayınevi: Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd

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For ultimate winter indulgence, why not try a fondue! Indulge in fun retro food with a modern twist with this collection of delicious recipes created to share with family and friends.

Starting with the well-known melted cheese fondues from ski resorts around the world, recipes here include classics from the Alps, such as the archetypal Fondue Neuchatel, based on local cheeses and local wines, and the variation Raclette. But there are others, too, such as a Roasted Tomato Fondue and the Italian version, Fonduta and hot oil Fondues to try such as Fondue Bourguignonne. Also included are some delicious lighter choices, like stock fondues where food is cooked in a scented broth - try Fish & Seafood in Saffron & Tomato Broth, and Beef with Horseradish in Red Wine & Juniper Stock. Also included are some up-to-the-minute, stylish Modern Fondues, such as Blue Cheese Fondue with Walnut Grissini. And don't forget the sweet fondues - there's Chocolate with Orange & Chilli, or White Chocolate Fondue with Lemon and Gin.


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