Focus and Flow for Mompreneurs

Yayınevi: Intentional Life

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Do you want to start or grow your business but feel like you'd be sacrificing precious time with your family?

Or maybe you're wondering, "What should I focus on each day, with my limited time, to move the needle forward?" "Where do I start - should I design my website first or start an email list?"

Focus and Flow supports mompreneurs like you from idea inception to completion, offering sustainable methods and a holistic approach to achieving your goals.

Inside, you'll learn how to:

Use a simple framework to identify your highest priorities and make an impact in the areas that matter most to youLeverage the power of systems by creating a detailed execution plan - one that is manageable in the long runAdopt new mantras and rituals in your life to carry out your plan persistently with more ease and peace of mind

Make your 6-month plan now so you can reach your goals and feel proud and fulfilled. This workbook will show you how!

"I so highly recommend this book to anyone wondering, 'What's next for me?' Beautifully constructed and filled with loving, gentle encouragement, this is the perfect companion for all current and future mompreneurs on their journey!" Deni


  •  178 x 254 x 10mm | 336g