Ferrari 75 : 1947-2022

Yayınevi: Delius, Klasing & Co

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Seventy-five years of the legendary Italian-made Ferrari motor and racing car, captured in photographs by Gunther Raupp, who during the course of his career has taken pictures of almost every Ferrari ever built.

The results of his eye-catching style and perfect technique are more than just plain photos. They reveal the car's soul. In this book, he chooses the images that he considers among his best, photographs that make the brand's history come alive. Writer Jurgen Lewandowski gives an expert presentation of the history of Ferrari, from the founding by Enzo Ferrari until today.

For world-class drivers like Alberto Ascari, Juan Manuel Fangio, Alain Prost, Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel, winning in a Ferrari was an outstanding experience. For many it was the crowning moment of their career. But even off the race track the sports cars from Maranello are impressive: not just the sporting qualities, but also the bodies, drawn by Italy's best designers, including Bertone and especially Pininfarina. Gunther Raupp photographs racing cars as well as road cars and makes 75 years of history of the Italian brand come alive.

Text in English and German.


  •  303 x 362 x 41.91mm | 3,623g