Everyday Self-care

Yayınevi: Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd

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Discover the benefits of regular rituals and routines and how to integrate them into your everyday life to give yourself the self-care you deserve.

Do you always make yourself a hot drink before bedtime - and does it give you a warm, comforting feeling? If so, no wonder - it is a mini ritual of self-care. Imagine if you could create the same sense of improved wellbeing throughout your day. This book shows how incorporating rituals into all areas of your daily life can become a key part of your self-care regimen, keeping your body and mind nourished with energy and happiness. You'll learn how to create helpful routines that work for you and how to transform your home into a sanctuary. You'll also find inspiration for self-love rituals, from luxurious baths to mindful meditations, and advice on the power of simple affirmations and mantras. With this handy guide, you'll make every day calmer, happier and more special.


  •  115 x 152 x 20.32mm | 240g