Dress Your Best Life : Harness the Power of Clothes To Transform Your Confidence

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How you dress matters. What you wear affects your mood, how you feel about yourself and how others think about you.

As an Ivy League educated therapist, publicist, former model and fashion designer, Dawnn Karen is an authority on the use of clothing to express identity and boost mood. Karen has spent years studying the relationship between attire and attitude, and her clients range from high-powered executives and politicians, to new parents and people who have recently experienced a major life change or trauma.

Drawing on her research and work with clients, Karen will teach you how to:

* dress to enhance your mood
* avoid the 'I have nothing to wear' feeling
* take the stress out of getting ready
* project confidence at work
* repurpose the wardrobe you already have

Packed with practical tips and cutting-edge advice, Dress Your Best Life will empower you to make the right clothing choices for you. The first and definitive guide to fashion psychology, this book will ensure you leave the house feeling calmer, happier and more confident.