Dark Matter: The New Science of the Microbiome


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An urgent investigation into a brave new world in science - the microbiome - and how it could save our health.

The microbiome is the missing link in modern medicine - a vast genetic universe of bacteria, yeasts, viruses and parasites that live within us. Recent discoveries suggest that it influences every aspect of our health, even the way we think and feel.

In this mindblowing book, scientist and surgeon James Kinross explains how the organisms that live within us have helped us evolve, shaped our biology and defined the success of our species. But just as we have discovered this delicate and complex ecosystem within us, it is being irrevocably destroyed through the globalisation of our diets and lifestyles, and the destruction of our environment.

With dazzling science and fascinating stories that span from the dawn of humankind to the current race to develop personalised healthcare, this pioneering book explores a new frontier in the climate crisis - the crisis within our bodies - and will change the way you think about human health forever.


  • Paperback : 352