DARK Chocolate : A Guide to Artisan Chocolatiers

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What happens when modern-day penchants align with artisanal tradition? Revival. Any dark-chocolate enthusiast will know that its enjoyment is akin to that of fine wine, consumed with contemplation and appreciation for the process and ingredients. Laden throughout with beautiful photographs by gastronomic producer and food stylist Tari Azevedo, Dark is a thoughtfully curated book featuring over 40 chocolate makers from across the globe, each with philosophies underpinned by fair-trade practices, ingenious flavour combinations, the highest quality ingredients, and an utmost commitment to the craft of bean-to-bar chocolate making. From 100% purist Madagascar origin bars to heavenly rose salt and lemon infusions, as well as medicinal mushroom matched with vanilla, this comprehensive guide is a valuable resource for all dark-chocolate connoisseurs. This book has been curated by Steve Huyton, an Australian writer specialising in art and design. He has written for international publications including Esquire, Luxurious Magazine, and Roche Elite. SELLING POINTS: . Presents over 40 chocolate makers from across the globe . Features beautiful photography throughout by gastronomic producer and food stylist Tari Azevedo . Offers insight into the philosophies and processes behind each chocolate maker's method . Provides comprehensive tasting notes for selected products . Includes award-winning chocolate makers Chocolat Madagascar; popular brand Bahen & Co (who has featured in Vogue, Gourmet Traveller, and Country Style); and United States-based Goodknow Farms (who has featured in USA Today) 300 colour images


  •  148 x 210 x 25.4mm | 630g