Commuting Commandments : The Rules You Need for a Smooth Journey to Work

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A laugh-out-loud look at the rules every commuter must adhere to - from moving down the carriage to never manspreading.

Enraged by yet another train? Has another selfish arse tried to push his way onto the bus before you've had the chance to get off? Been cut up by yet another inconsiderate driver? Don't worry, you're not alone-millions of us share your pain. And if we all get together and follow the rules of commuting outlined in this hilarious look at the journey to work, we can all change those torturous moments for the better. So be gone morons who eat stinking food on the subway, see you later red-light jumping cyclists, if you ignore these commandments may your roads be permanently blocked and your trains constantly delayed. And to the person who insists on listening to techno music extremely loudly via the loudspeaker on the iPhone: there's a special circle of hell reserved just for you :)