Combat Aircraft

Yayınevi: White Star

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This compact, yet comprehensive, book looks at the evolution of combat aircraft. Covering the period from World War One to the present day, this delightful book will fascinate aviation enthusiasts. Of the forty planes represented, each one has been carefully selected for its importance; whether this was due to a piece of technological innovation that went into its development, or because a significantly large number were produced, every aircraft featured plays an important role in understanding their evolution. The book also features captivating photographs of some of the planes in action as well as extensive contextual information. In addition to the forty page book a 20 sheet fold out volume is also included. This contains stunning 3D renderings of each plane as well as detailed technical information about each aircraft which will fascinate the reader. Together these two volumes make the ultimate guide to combat aircraft. Marco De Fabianis Manferto is an industrial designer who specialises in 3D modelling. For White Star he has created the renderings for the books Ferrari, and Harley Davidson, the Legendary Models. He also worked on the graphic designs for the book Dream Cars of the Twenty-First Century. Riccardo Niccoli, is a journalist, writer and photographer and is one of Italy's best-known aeronautical historians. He has written extensively on this subject and is the author of several books; History of Flight: From Leonardo's Flying Machine to the Conquest of Space, and Aircraft. 20 sheet fold-out included