Cold-Pressed Beverages

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Extracts are different from all other preparations. They are a nutritional resource that completes a healthy and balanced diet, providing mineral salts, vitamins and fibre from cereals, seeds, fruit and vegetables. They are
different from smoothies, more complete than a juice, richer in nutrients than a centrifuge. Extracts can easily be prepared using an extractor, a small appliance that doesn't stress the foods to be treated, so that it is possible to obtain a preparation that maintains the majority of the nutrients present in the food.

Extracts are suitable for all those who live busy lives, who practice sports and who want a healthy diet but don't have time to cook. They are ideal for people who want to take care of themselves; detox and calorie count, or simply transform fruit and vegetables into attractive and delicious
preparations to tickle the appetite, or for anyone who prefers to replace a traditional meal with a simple drink. The consistency of an extract is soft and creamy, it can be diluted with water or mixed with ice to make a sorbet.

Thanks to the mechanical characteristics of the extractor it is possible to prepare drinks based on oats, emmer, barley, soy, almonds or rice and of course of all kinds of fruit, including those with a low water content, like bananas, leafy vegetables such as lettuce, artichokes and many others. This book is packed with recipes and interesting ideas to guide you step by step in making extracts and filling your glass with well-being straight to your glass.