Cassandra at the Wedding

Yayınevi: Daunt Books

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I can only be overwhelmed by Dorothy Baker's continuing brilliance.' - Carson McCullers 'I am not, at heart, a jumper. I think I knew all the time I was sizing up the bridge that the strong possibility was I'd attend my sister's wedding'Cassandra Edwards is driving home to her family's Californian ranch to attend the wedding of her beloved identical twin, Judith. A graduate student at Berkeley, Cassandra is gay, brilliant, nerve-racked, miserable - and hell-bent on making sure her sister's wedding doesn't happen.Armed with a clutch bag full of pills, an unquenchable thirst for brandy, and an uncompromising vision for how she and Judith should live, over the course of the next couple of days, Cassandra unravels.First published in 1962, Cassandra at the Wedding is a classic of twentieth century American literature, with a cast of characters you won't be able to forget.


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