Captain's Dinner

Yayınevi: Teneues Pub.

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Capturing life at sea through engaging photographs, compelling stories, and authentic fisherman's recipes, this characterful volume is a one-of-a-kind companion for all sea lovers with a sense of adventure and appetite.

Whether in the shimmering sunshine of the Adriatic Coast or up against a two-and-a-half-meter swell in Brittany, Captain's Dinner is a maritime journey of discovery through the world of fishing. What does it mean to be dependent on the vagaries of nature on a daily basis? What is it like to haul in fishing nets in rain and galeforce 8 wind? How do freshly caught breams, herring, etc. actually end up on deck by lunch break and on the plate by night? In search of answers, photographer Paul Pfluger braved the wind and weather to accompany 27 fishermen at work on European seas, observing their daily routine over several months. The result is a lively, intimate, and unadulterated logbook of fishing and life at sea, combining captivating portraits of the protagonists alongside their own commentaries on the delicate craft and hard labour that make up a fisherman's existence today, not least when faced with critically-diminished fish stocks and attendant fishing quotas. The featured fishermen also share their own favourite, previously-unpublished seafood dishes, from fried onion herb herring to Irish surf & turf or cold smoked mullet. With more than 50 of these delicious, simple seafood recipes, Captain's Dinner is a must for all those who love and care about the sea and its unique flavours.


  •  222 x 288 x 22.86mm | 1,252g